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In and around Noku

Festivals, markets, streets

pulsating with colour and life.

Vibrant. Electrifying. Experience

the full glory of Kyoto’s rich heritage.


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Kyoto Imperial Palace Gardens • Experience

Children laughing, faces shining, running free as birds across clipped green lawns. Families strolling, jogging together down wide gravel paths. Lovers holding hands under weeping cherry trees. Kyoto Imperial Palace, home to Japan’s royal family until 1868, is just next to where you are in Noku.

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Chion-ji Temple Handicraft Market • Experience

Every 15th of the month. Rain or shine.
Artisans, craftsmen, entrepreneurs from all
over Japan turn the temple grounds into a
bustling maze of stalls. Stroll through the
hive of activities. Discover your favourite
things. Beautiful ceramics, handcrafted
musical instruments, handbags created
from old kimonos, jewellery recycled from
Geisha hair ornaments, homemade bread,
filtered coffee. Treat yourself to a slice of
Japanese culture. Bring home a bit of local
history. The Chion-ji Handicraft Market is
easily accessible from Noku.

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Jidai Matsuri Festival • Experience

Over 2000 performers. Authentic costumes and re-enactments. From earliest historical periods to the Meiji Era. Lavish. Opulent. Awe-inspiring. The Jidai Matsuri parade starts from the Imperial Palace, winds down the streets from where you are in Noku and ends at the Heian Shrine. Get into the music,
the excitement, the festivities.
Join the parade.

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