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Around Noku

Noku Osaka is a leisurely short walk that brings you to Osaka Tenmangu Shrine and the Tenjinbashisuji Shopping Arcade.


The Osaka Castle completes the historical immersion while Osaka’s flavours offer a unique escape, all of their own.


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Tenjinbashisuji Shopping arcade

Established in 1653, Japan’s longest outdoor shopping arcade has around 600 stores offering groceries, apparel, books and snacks, among other interesting local favourites.
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Osaka Tenmangu Shrine

Honouring the Shinto deity of scholarship, Osaka Tenmangu Shrine was founded in the 10th century. It is most synonymous with the annual Tenjin Matsuri festival in July, ranked one of Japan’s three most significant celebrations.
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Osaka Castle

A famous landmark of Japan. Osaka Castle has a observation platform with city views, a museum with holograms and a large beautiful park around the castle moat.
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