About Us

A cultural exploration or a serene escape, Noku Kyoto invites you to create lasting memories in one of Japan's most enchanting cities.
Intimate living and breathing spaces made warm and wonderful by our guests. Every pattern, every weave, every carving in Noku is a curated experience of Kyoto’s rich cultural heritage.


We’ve put together some things special, injected some fun, to make your stay all the more memorable.

Eat and Drink Local

Discover the heart and soul of Kyoto with a sake and dinner experience at Kyoto Sakagurakan Bettei. Locally brewed, locally yours.

More Nights, More Savings!

Unlock our Summer Savings at Noku Kyoto! Stay for 4 nights but pay for the price of 3. More nights, more joy and more savings.

Book Early, Save More!

Plan your holiday ahead of time and enjoy exclusive savings with us.

30% off 60 days prior to arrival or 20% off for 30 days advanced bookings at Noku Kyoto!

Sip, Savour and Save with The Taste of Kyoto

Locally brewed in Kyoto, enjoy delicious alcoholic drinks in the comfort of your room!


Comfort, beauty and sweet dreams. If it matters to you, it matters to us.

At Noku Kyoto, our rooms are curated with you in mind. Comfort, beauty, quiet dreams.

House Room

Capacity: 1 – 3
Space: 20 – 26 sqm
Spacious coziness bathed in soft warm tones. So good to come home to

Deluxe Room

Capacity: 1 – 3
Space: 24 – 33 sqm
Lavish, luxurious comfort. Pure indulgence for your body and soul

Premium Room

Capacity: 1 – 3
Space: 25 – 33 sqm
Expansive elegant lines. Hand-crafted comfort, curated art. A collaboration of beauty from every perspective

Noku Studio

Capacity: 1 – 3
Space: 51 sqm
Intimate sleeping and living spaces. Spacious cozy experiences. So good to come home to


The rich cultural heritage of Kyoto in and around Noku

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Fun and games over coffee and tea. Enjoy magic moments with family and friends.

Noku Café

Milk moustaches, buttered fingers and egg-smeared grins. Enjoy our hearty breakfasts with your loved ones.

Morning Breakfast

Start your morning right with a scrumptious breakfast meal and great coffee.


Good food, good mood. Feast in our mouth-watering selection of food during your lunch time.


Personalised service, attention to details, heartwarming smiles and simple honestly. Every little thing that adds up to a safe and comfortable stay is yours. At Noku.

For more information, please contact our front desk.

Nice Things Gift Shop

Gifts of appreciation and expressions of love, some of the nicest things in life. Find them in Noku.

Concierge Service

From arranging morning wake up calls or late check ins, our front desk team are available 24 hours a day to help.

Chargeable Laundry & Dry Cleaning Service

Get your apparels and garments in tip-top shape with our excellent laundry services.

Free Parking

Undercover mechanical parking with size restrictions is available until 31 Aug. Due to a parking lot closure, parking will be unavailable after 1 Sep. Please contact us for details.

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