Kyoto Imperial Place, a Geisha's smile, kawaii rabbits and origami cranes. A wind chime's song, the dance of beautiful, unforgettable localised experiences just around the corner. Explore on foot, by taxi, bus, train or bicycle. Experience the full glory of Kyoto's rich heritage.


Gifts of appreciation and expressions of love, some of the nicest things in life. Find them in Noku. Ceramic inspirations crafted by local artisans. Vintage ornaments scoured from antique shops. Shawls of recycled kimono fabric sewn by single mums in a social enterprise. Each gift of Nice Things is a curated echo of Kyoto’s glorious past


Kyoto Imperial Palace
Children laughing, faces shining, running free as birds across clipped green lawns. Families strolling, jogging together down wide gravel paths. Lovers holding hands under weeping cherry trees. Kyoto Imperial Palace, home to Japan’s royal family until 1868, is just next to where you are in Noku.

Kyoto International Manga Museum
A dream come true for every manga fan. With over 300,000 collections, spend your day browsing through each and every shelf that your heart yearns for. Adore the beautifully crafted original artworks by hundreds of mangaka.


Jidai Matsuri
With over 2000 performers, authentic costumes and re-enactments, celebrate Kyoto’s history and culture every October 22. The parade starts from the Imperial Palace, winding down the streets of Noku Kyoto and finishes off at the Heian Shrine. Get into the music, excitement and festivities. Join the parade!

Gion Matsuri
Celebrate Kyoto’s biggest summer festival in July. With a history that dates back over a thousand years, the Gion Matsuri Festival is dedicated to the Yasaka Shrine's deity. It features elaborately decorated floats called "yamaboko," traditional music, dance performances, and various cultural events. Celebrate a whole month of performances, beautiful costumes and exquisite craftwork.

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